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The Challenge

Eight of Swords

In relation to its position of The Challenge, the Eight of Swords may represent an obstacle or challenge that needs to be overcome. This card could represent feeling trapped in a situation and having difficulty finding a way out. It could suggest a feeling of powerlessness, and may indicate that the challenge will require inner strength to overcome. When looking at how this card relates to the Significator card, the King of Swords, that card is associated with a person who is analytical, logical and intellectual. Therefore, the Eight of Swords could be a call to use the analytical and intellectual skills of the King of Swords to help break free from the mental and emotional barriers that have been created. It may be necessary to look at the situation from a different perspective in order to find a solution. The King of Swords can provide the mental clarity and logical approach that is needed to navigate the challenge presented by the Eight of Swords.

The Past

The Sun

The Sun in the position "The Past" is an indication that the individual has recently experienced a period of joy, success, and positivity. This can be seen in the previous card, Eight of Swords, which represents being stuck in a difficult situation and feeling powerless. The Sun suggests that the individual has found ways to gain clarity and move past the challenge they were facing. This can be seen in the King of Swords, which represents a period of logical, rational thinking and decisive action. The Sun in this position is a signal of hope and optimism, and it suggests that the individual has successfully come out of a difficult situation and is now in a place of growth and personal development.

The Future


Temperance is a card that speaks to balance, moderation and integration. In the context of this reading, Temperance in the "Future" position signals that the seeker will find opportunities to combine and integrate the energies that have been present thus far in this reading. In particular, the King of Swords in the Significator position speaks to a need to use intellect and logic to take control of the situation, while the Eight of Swords in the Challenge position speaks to feeling stuck or trapped. The Sun in the Past position speaks to joy, success and vitality. As the Future position, Temperance suggests that by combining the energies of the King of Swords, the Eight of Swords and The Sun, the seeker can create a harmonious balance and move forward with success and joy.


The World

In this particular reading, The World card appearing Above speaks to the culmination of the journey that was set in motion by the Significator, the King of Swords, and all the cards that have come before it. It is a sign of success, enlightenment, and a new cycle about to begin. It suggests that all the challenges and obstacles you have faced, such as the Eight of Swords, have been overcome and you are now ready to reap the rewards of your hard work. The Sun card in the Past position indicates a period of joy and enlightenment, and Temperance in the Future position speaks to the balance and harmony that you have achieved, which is now culminating in The World. This card is a reminder that you have mastered a significant aspect of yourself and your world, and that you are now in a position to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands in the position of Below suggests that you may need to be prepared to fight for what you believe in and have a strong sense of determination in order to succeed. There may be opponents or challenges in your path, but you must be willing to stand your ground and defend your position. In light of the previously revealed cards, this card could suggest that the challenge you face is to stand firm in the face of potential opposition. It is important to remain determined and resolute, and to not be swayed by external forces. The King of Swords suggests that you have the ability to think and act decisively, while the Eight of Swords indicates that you may feel trapped or restricted by your current situation. The Sun in the Past position highlights the need to stay positive and to look back on past successes to gain strength and motivation, and Temperance in the Future could indicate that patience and moderation will help you to achieve your goals. Finally, The World in the Above position is a sign of attainment and completeness, indicating that if you stay focused and persevere, you will reach your desired outcome.


The Star

In the position of Advice, The Star brings a message of hope, inspiration, and guidance. It suggests that you should have faith in yourself and your future, and encourages you to stay on the path you are on. The Star also suggests that healing and optimism are on the horizon, and that your wishes and dreams may come true. The Star is a card of renewal and spiritual connection, and this is a reaffirmation of the spiritual connections revealed in the previous cards, such as the King of Swords, Temperance, and the World. The Star is a reminder that although there may be challenges ahead, as revealed by the Eight of Swords, you have the resources and courage to overcome them. The Sun in the Past position further emphasizes the optimism of The Star, suggesting that the past has prepared you to embrace the changes that the Star is bringing into your life. The Seven of Wands in the Below position suggests that you may have to fight for the things you want, but The Star reassures you that you have the strength and determination to do so.

External Influences

King of Swords

In the position of External Influences, the King of Swords suggests that the influences of logic, rationality, and clear communication are important in this situation. It could indicate that a lawyer or legal advice should be sought, or that a person of authority is involved and their decisions should be respected. The King of Swords may also suggest that the external influence is a person who is highly analytical and intellectual. In relation to the previously revealed cards, the King of Swords in this position may suggest that the external influence is a person of authority or legal figure who can provide clarity or assistance in the situation, or that the advice given in the Advice position (The Star) will have a great impact on the outcome.

Hopes and/or Fears

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords in the position of Hopes and/or Fears is a representation of a breakthrough moment. This card suggests that there is a chance to make a positive change and to gain clarity in the situation. It is a sign of success and victory over adversity that is likely to come from honest communication and an open mind. It may also be an indication that you are on the brink of a new beginning that could bring a surge of mental power and potential breakthroughs. This card suggests that it is important to focus on the truth, and to act decisively to make the most of this moment. In relation to the previously revealed cards, the Ace of Swords could be an indication that the King of Swords in the Significator position is a representation of the mental power and clarity that is needed to succeed. It could also suggest that the Eight of Swords in the Challenge position is a reminder of the need for truth and honesty in the situation. The Sun in the Past position could represent the joy and celebration that will come from the breakthrough moment that is suggested by the Ace of Swords. The Temperance in the Future position could point to the balance and harmony that is likely to come with the success suggested by this card. The World in the Above position could be a sign of the potential for a new beginning and the rewards that come with it. The Seven of Wands in the Below position could be a reminder of the need to stand up for your beliefs and to act decisively in order


Queen of Wands

In the position of Conclusion, the Queen of Wands is a strong reminder of the power and potential that exists within you. She encourages you to stand firm in your convictions, and to continue to pursue your dreams with passion and determination. She also suggests that you have the creativity and energy to bring your goals to fruition. The Queen of Wands in this position is also a reminder of the strong external influences that you experienced throughout this reading, and of the need to stay positive and confident in order to manifest a successful outcome. Her presence also serves as a reminder of the importance of working hard and staying focused on your goals.
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